Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make that 7 days to go!

I think this is my first post without pictures. Anyway, just wanted to report that the doctor has scheduled me to be induced in a week! So, as long as the baby doesn't come sooner, her birthday will be May 29th! We are so excited! Uh oh, now we only have a week to figure out her name.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aren't we festive?

This is us going to our ward luau. I thought it was fun that we had all of this Hawaiian stuff in our dress up box. I've decided a mumu (I don't know how to spell my case it should be spelled MooooooMoooooo) is a very comfortable option for a pregnant momma. Doesn't my face seem to say, "I wish I were in Hawaii"? Maybe someday.

We got away!

We didn't get very far, but we still got away! We went to a live session at the Salt Lake temple, a tour of the Conference Center (we are on the roof of it in the above picture), and dinner at the Garden Restaurant.

We got a free night's stay at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake. We stayed in the "Mysteries of Egypt" room. It was pretty cool.

The shower comes out of the snake's mouth.
We had a great time together...a much needed getaway before life gets crazy with baby #4. (or should I say crazi-ER) Thanks to Nanna (& Bubba) for watching our cuties.

I can't believe he is 2!

Levi James Rice
turned 2 on March 30th!
Here he is when he turned 1! He got this Thomas the train that he still loves.

Since he loves trains, we decided to have a train cake for his 2nd birthday. Chris made it and did a fabulous job. (Even with the lame frosting that I made him that was hard to work with)

We love our Little Levi!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We love the cabin!

Here are some action shots of us playing at the cabin! Yes, even I went snowmobiling and sledding in my pregnant condition. Funny how my back started hurting after that weekend!

We feel so blessed to have this family cabin! Thanks Stewarts for a great time (as always)!


Why am I always a couple months behind? I think I need to download my pictures on a more regular basis. Anyway, here is a look at our Easter spent at the cabin with my family.

My kids got to dye Easter eggs with their cousin Tanner (Will & Christina's little boy)