Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I can laugh at myself.

It seems like I only post when there are pictures and I am documenting the good things that have happened to our family. I always appreciate when people keep it real on their blogs, so here goes...Yesterday I go across the street because Bridget (2) has, once again, escaped and let herself into the neighbors' house. I bring her back home and then I start doing the dishes. I feel something weird as I am leaning against the counter. I look down and I find a mostly eaten sucker stuck to the stomach of my sweater with the stick sticking straight out! Hmmmm, okay, how long has that been there?...I do remember giving Bridget a sucker earlier. I quickly backtrack in my mind to determine where I've been and who has seen me like this and who my real friends aren't (for not telling me I was wearing a sucker). Luckily, it had only been a couple of hours and the only people I had seen were the teenagers across the street. (I'll have to ask them if they noticed the sweet accessory I was sporting). Phew! All that was left to do was laugh at myself. It was a good laugh. I thought about all that I have worn over the years from my children: spit-up, drool, snot, pee, poo, throw up. Yes, some of these I have worn to the grocery store or the school without realizing they had been added to my look that day. But yeah, I'll take the sucker over those any day! This was a new one and I want to remember it forever.