Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Incredible Rices

Here is the first (and my favorite) video that we made:

We think it's funny how Katelyn back then looks like Bridget now and Madison back then sounds like Levi does now.

We are family...

Here is another video we made in 2009 for one of the Rice Family Reunions.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Diabetes strikes again!

We found out a week before Christmas that our little Levi also has diabetes. He is only 4, so it has been harder for him to get used to 4-5 finger pricks a day and 4-5 shots a day, but luckily his big sister Madison has been an amazing example for him! He is starting to recognize when his blood sugar is low and sometimes he will test his own blood sugar (when we can convince him to). It has been easier for us the second time through. We were spoiled with Madison and her pump doing all of the work and now Chris and I have had to go back to being more involved with testing & injections, etc. It is now trickier to have him babysat, so until he can give himself his own shots or get a pump, we are going to ask Madison to re-learn how to give shots and help him with carb counting, etc. while we are away. It has been amazing to see how quickly and easily these kids adjust to BIG changes. It has been a good example for me since sometimes I have wanted to curl up and feel sorry for myself, but I've had to snap out of it....if they're not complaining then why should I?

Chris' family has started a tradition of having a film festival where each family makes a movie and then when we all get together we show them off. When we found out Levi had diabetes, we thought we'd do an informational video....well, Chris and I are just too dang funny that we can't take anything seriously, so check out our Diabetes for Dummies video:


P.S. I hate the way I am talking in this video and kept begging Chris to cut me out, but he wouldn't do it and I don't know how yet....aaaaaahhh! Everyone else is cute and funny!