Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Levi

Levi has discovered the water dispenser! AAAAAHHHH! He pushed this chair over, got a cup out of the drawer, and filled it up three times. I'm impressed (and grateful) that he even bothered to use a cup.

I love this second picture, because it shows how proud he was of himself. He felt so big. I love my little Levi!

Monday, November 12, 2007

We're having a Rice Rice baby!

Yep...we're pregnant! We will have baby #4 the first week of June. Actually, it will be the end of May...my doctor said he would induce at 39 weeks (since Levi came pretty fast and I didn't get my epidural), so I'm planning on it! Anyway, we are excited. Katelyn thinks it is a "gril" as she says it, and has already named her Cassie. I think it is a boy because I have been pretty sick and I have only been sick with Levi so far. But we will see...we will let you know when we find out!

Haloween (finally)

We went trick or treating at Novell, then went to a ward party, and then Chris took the girls trick or treating around the neighborhood---way too much candy!

Halloween Party

Chris and I got invited to a Halloween costume party...we took the cheap and easy road.
Can you guess?
I am white trash and Chris wore his birthday suit! We got an award for Most Original Costumes. (I think that is just a nice way of saying Cheapest and Easiest costumes...what do you think?)

Mummy Pizzas and Pumpkin Carving Fun

The Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures of when we went to the pumpkin patch before Halloween (I'm a little behind).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Progress in our basement!

Chris has been working hard on the basement in his few spare moments. We decided to hire someone to do the drywall and texture, so we are almost done! He has finished our office, so I think it's time to show off some before and after shots. I am very proud of him!

This was his uniform to install all of the insulation.

Office, Before
This is how he looked after using the paint sprayer. He used a mask and eventually wore goggles over his eyes and a t-shirt on his head so that he wouldn't look like the above picture.

Office, During

Office, After

Office, with furniture! (Her workspace)

Chris bought this furniture from an online auction. It was used at UVSC and was originally a dark burgandy color. It turned out great!

His workspace (far right)